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Developer Guidelines

You are a 3D software publisher and want to add a social layer and let your users show their creations in full 3D and VR glory online? Awesome, you came to the right place! We already partnered with many 3D creation applications that natively integrated our API to add a “Share to Sketchfab” button in their tool (see full list of partners here).

The goal of the exporter guidelines is to help you build the best possible integration and understand all the benefits it will bring to your application.

The exact implementation of the API will depend on your needs and the scope of the project (stand-alone application, plug-in, etc.), but following some guidelines will help maintain a smooth publishing process and make your exporter as user-friendly as possible. Please keep us in the loop so we can track progress and offer support. Contact us with any questions.

Table of Contents

Parameters and Interface

Use safe and up-to-date workflows:

Give users control:

Provide feedback and handle errors:

Leverage your application:

Sketchfab custom tag page for Substance Painter

Sketchfab branded upload for Substance Painter

GUI Examples

exporter example substance painter

exporter example cinema 4d c4d

exporter example 3ds max


If you plan to implement the Upload API in a public application, the 'source' parameter is very important. We use it for internal tracking, and it can be used to create custom processing pipelines on our end if there is a need. It is not exposed publicly. It should be explicit and remain constant for the lifespan of your application. For example: 'source': 'zbrush-exporter'. It should contain only lower-case letters and hyphens ('-'). DO NOT include any periods ('.') like 'myapp-2.0'.

If you want to include dynamic version information ('3dsmax-18000', '3dsmax-17000') or distinguish between users ('qubicle-trial', 'qubicle-pro'), or if you have any doubts about the 'source' parameter, PLEASE contact us.

File Formats

The preferred format for upload is FBX. If your application supports animations, you’ll need to use the FBX format. If your application cannot generate FBX, or you have specific needs, you can upload any of our supported formats. However, certain formats are more reliable than others:

To make the most of file size limits and minimize bandwidth usage, you should compress your model file(s) into a ZIP, RAR, or 7z archive.

License and Hosting

Giving us access to any source code that uses the API means we can help test, debug, and look for potential problems. We understand that this might not be feasible for non-free software. For public, free applications or plug-ins, explicit GNU GPL or MIT License is preferred. Hosting the source on GitHub is a good option, as we may choose to contribute to, fork, or host some exporters ourselves.


Any other features you want to include are great! For example, the 3ds Max exporter has robust texture management and light baking features. Many of the 3D Scanning tools with Sketchfab publishing automatically set some 3D settings like Orientation and Shading. We're happy to discuss these possibilities, just drop us a line.